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Animals that eat wood

The insects make up a group belonging to the arthropod species , which are recognized because they have three pairs of legs. It is a very extensive group that reaches a million different species. animals that eat wood

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They are characterized by being heterogeneous animals , since there are many species that make it up. But with respect to this article we will only talk about insects that eat wood , which is a very harmful and difficult to control function. animals that eat wood

What is xylophagia?

Animals that consume wood are called xylophagi. However, not all animals that eat wood lose the possibility of covering their nutrition through other ways. On the contrary, food is one of the most sensitive factors in the surrounding reality.

It should be known that all insects that exclusively consume wood require a specific type of macrobiota in their digestive system , which allows it to digest cellulose, as is the case with herbivorous mammals .

Invertebrates and their diet?

It should be noted that insects that consume wood have a special microbiota to extract carbon from wood . The excessive consumption of wood produces high amounts of acetate, which causes some damage. animals that eat wood

According to recent studies, this acetate is transformed into carbon dioxide , which is released into the hemolymph and manages to be expelled through respiration .

Animals that eat wood animals that eat wood

  1. Wasps in the wood

They constitute a group of insects that belong to the Siricidae family , of which there are about 150 different species of wasps, whose common element is that all their larvae eat wood.

The females of these groups lay their eggs in small crevices or in any hole that exists in the wood. When the eggs finish their reproductive level, the larvae devour the wood and proceed to create some tunnels to move from one place to another, without any inconvenience. animals that eat wood

However, for the digestion of these animals to take place, they require the presence of a fungus, with which they generally create a symbiotic relationship.

  1. Termites in wood      

Termites belong to the order of the blattodeas . The way of life of termite mounds is very similar to that of ants, which are closely related to cockroaches.

Worldwide there are approximately 3,000 different species of termites. This animal species is rejected and feared by human beings, since they cause serious damage to wooden structures, either in buildings, houses, which translates into losses.

Some have as their goal the eradication of this plague. All of them are responsible for the destruction of some objects of great value that are preserved in homes, offices and other environments where they build their colossal termite mounds in order to preserve their food. animals that eat wood

According to recent studies, termites are classified into:

  • Wet wood termites: this means that termites love to feed on wet wood, so they tend to stay overnight in places where there is enough moisture for them.
  • Subterranean termites : they are considered dangerous because they can end in plague.
  • Dry wood termite : they are those that spend the night in urban areas, where there is dry wood. They are considered very harmful because they build wooden rooms.
  1. Woodworm or beetles on wood     

There are some families of coleopterans that usually feed on wood . However, the term “woodworm” has a link with beetles, since this type of disease is determined because they form small shallow holes in all furniture where there is wood.

These animals are oviparous and have a type of metamorphosis , which allows them to develop and when they reach adult their damage is greater within the wood, since they are a species with great agility and destructive capacity.

  1. Moths on wood animals that eat wood

These types of animals are called nocturnal butterflies , where adult moths do not have any type of food, since they have atrophied trunk and are dedicated exclusively to reproduction.

Their larvae are enormous in size and they are fascinated by spending the night in wet and old wood. They hide in the bark of trees throughout their youth, which represents their habitat, since it is a stay that can last about 3 years.

  1. Drill bug animals that eat wood

This animal is used to depositing its eggs in any wooden object , since it feels very comfortable in them, because it has the opportunity to create various groups that consume the wood as food.

The drill bug tend to caricature. This animal has a limited social life, despite the fact that it tends to leave uneven edges in the wood where it spends the night.

  1. Bark weevil   

The bark beetle is native to the southern United States. It is an animal with a hard brown and black skeleton. It measures about 3mm and has the size similar to a grain of rice, its legs are short and its body is round.

It inhabits some species of pine and is considered a major pest species especially spread in forest areas . This insect is attributed great affectation in the trees of some areas of the United States, as well as in Central America.

  1. Beaver   

The beaver is characterized by being a semi-aquatic rodent, from North America, that has a scaly tail . It includes 3 species: the American beaver, the European beaver and the Kellogg beaver.

They usually spend the night in the northern hemisphere and in some isolated regions of Europe. Although they are animals with certain similarities, genetic research has shown that the species that inhabit European and North American areas are diverse, since their main difference lies in their chromosomal constitution.

Beavers are used to knocking down trees with the use of their large incisors, which allows them to build some structures. It is important to note that beavers do not harm the ecosystem where they reside, since they create certain barriers to control floods and are great removers of pollutants. animals that eat wood

  1. Panda 

For their part, it is said that pandas owe their subsistence to bamboo , becoming the most recognized vegetarians in the world. Bamboo lacks protein, it only has a lot of fiber.

In the spring time, pandas tend to consume large wooden bamboo shoots , which are rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. During the winter season the survival of the pandas is more difficult, due to the decrease in the nutrients of the bamboo wood. animals that eat wood

  1. Panaque (fish)    

The panaque fish measures approximately 70cm. It belongs to the order of the siluriformes of the loricariidae family. It lives in the Peruvian Amazon, it is a great wood eater , since it makes up the species of xylophagous.

It was discovered about a decade ago, forming part of the Panaque genus. This classification belongs to the majority of catfish that feed on wood . The shape of its teeth is oval in the shape of a spoon, covered by an armor that protects it.

The catfish of Peru, named by the locals, consumes the wood in order to extract nutrients that provide it with energy. It has 4 jaws that help it.animals that eat wood

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