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15 Traction Examples

To build a building or any type of structure or object , many of the physical and meteorological phenomena to which it could be exposed must be taken into account . Many of them are due to external factors, others due to internal elements according to the nature of the materials. One of those phenomena is traction.

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What is traction?

The drive is a work which occurs when two opposing forces together exert pressure on a structure or object making it to stretch or simply move from its place of origin.

Normally, a body that is subjected to traction deforms a little, like a rubber band that we can stretch and that narrows in its transverse parts. But in that case, little by little it returns to its natural state, not so with other solid objects , whose deformation can be permanent acting with a different nature than what is expected.

Not all materials can be subjected to tension . Steel and some types of wood are an example of this, those and some other materials are resistant to traction.

It should be noted that traction is also called the action of dragging a vehicle to move it around . Like horse-drawn wagons, this is called animal traction.

Examples of Traction

  1. Urban power lines
  2. Steel wires
  3. Hanging bridges
  4. Strings of musical instruments such as guitar
  5. Carts drawn by horses or oxen
  6. Pull a garter holding its two ends
  7. Shooting with a slingshot
  8. Stretch canvas ceilings
  9. One car towing another using a rope or using a trailer
  10. Cable of a construction crane
  11. Columns and pillars that support the load in a building
  12. Chair or table legs
  13. Platforms the bridges
  14. Cut something with scissors
  15. Tighten or remove a screw

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