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15 Examples of symbiosis


Coming from the Greek language, whose meaning is translated to “means of subsistence” , we can define symbiosis as a binding relationship with a common purpose developed between specimens of different species.

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For biology , this term is applied when the organisms involved in the relationship obtain a common benefit.

Symbiosis is a kind of active biological relationship where dissimilar beings interact, taking advantage of each other or at least one of the parties.

Symbiosis classification:

    • Ectosymbiosis: it is called this way since the symbiote resides on the body of the wearer.
    • Endosymbiosis: it is called this way since the symbiont resides within the cell or between the spaces left by it, in the body of the carrier.

In this sense, there are also other types of symbiotic relationship , such as:


It is the relationship that arises when a symbiote lives or resides in the host, seeing the symbiote completely benefited, while the other does not. In this case the host is not harmed at all.

An example of this can be observed in vultures. Animals that eat the remains of the bodies of other animals hunted by predators.


It is named this way because of the mutual and beneficial relationship of both organizations. This mutual relationship implies improvements in the biological fitness of both organisms.


In this case, the relationship of both harms one of those involved. While one benefits from accommodation with the host, the other is affected by correspondence.

Example of symbiosis


  1. Remoras and sharks
  2. Vultures
  3. Earthworms and plants
  4. Hermit crabs
  5. Birds and insects


  1. Bees or hummingbirds and plants
  2. Lichens Mushrooms and plants
  3. Prawns and crustaceans.
  4. Anemones and Clownfish
  5. Hermit crab and some sea anemones.


  1. Mosquitoes
  2. Birds that parasitize the nests of other species.
  3. Certain insects such as bees.
  4. Some mushrooms.
  5. Intestinal parasites.

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