10 Features of Microsoft Office

Microsoft office

It is considered as an exclusive software package for offices, developed by Microsoft corp.

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They are an accumulation of applications that allow to improve and automate digital office tasks.

Microsoft Office Features

  1. With the Microsoft office you can work on the same document simultaneously.
  2. Documents can be edited and written .
  3. It has a spell checker and syntax checker .
  4. Documents can be shared from Word , PowerPoint, or Excel .
  5. Added files, uploaded through Outlook, automatically become link.
  6. You can send large files through OneDrive .
  7. It allows you to access automatically saved files, in case you want to recover one that you did not save or accidentally deleted.
  8. It gives you the smart search option without having to leave the archive.
  9. Through Excel, various options are presented when listing and quantifying effectively.
  10. Databases can be developed .

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